Donna and Kerri

Bohemian Bulla Market

Donna & Kerri met in Year 7, both from Oak Park High School. We were inseparable and made lots of happy memories together over the last 40 years with a group of great friends which we still see today. We continued to be friends after leaving school, each of us being in each others wedding as bridesmaids. We both brought our houses and had our children while we still kept in touch and holidayed together, we walked half of the Camino De Santiago though Spain in 2017. Being both like minded in the spiritual field we began to talk about going to a market with a ‘boho, hippy’ feel and as we researched on the net for any, there just wasn’t enough places to find great clothes, accessories including information about intuition, chakras, developing our abilities, connecting with spirit & energy healings. So one night over a glass of wine or two our ‘Market’ manifested itself into reality. We jotted down venues of interest, names and a draft of our policy. That’s when all the fun began. So from its humble beginnings in 2015, with just a few stalls selling and offering unique products and services, the market has flourished to become a haven for those seeking alternative healing modalaties, psychic, readings, beautiful local handmade & imported products. There is huge variety of colourful stalls & characters, selling everything from crystals, organic skin products, clothing, jewellery, craft and also our different food vendors are also a drawcard. We heard time & time again that there just isn’t enough spiritual resources out their for people to explore. We believe our Market can change that by reconnecting & educating people with a like minded mind, empowering people to tap into their own personal magnificence, while shopping with a difference. ​

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