Lovesism by Adriana DeAngelis

Bohemian Bulla Market

“The most precious gift you could ever give someone is love, it’s time to harmonise on all dimensions”

Adriana De Angelis is a Certified Angelic Multidimensional Quantum healer and Master Vector Surgen. Naturally born Spiritual intuitive, psychic, and empath. She has the ability to talk, see, hear and feel the spirit world where she connects with your guides to convey soul messages. Using a combination of modalities including, Trance mediumship, Angelic quantum healing, Oracle cards, and intuitive counselling which is channeled through all dimensions and senses, all theses gifts are combined to maximise infinite transforming healing sessions and readings.

Adriana is extremely empowering and connects with each person in pure heart space, with love and authenticity.

Adriana will leave you feeling renewed, aligned, and in harmony.

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