Jacinta Feeley

Urban Shaman Adventures

Jacinta is a healer, medium, teacher and author – an individual who can harness and channel the ancient wisdom of the universe to empower others identify, and consciously understand, what is making them feel ‘out of balance’. It is being highly sensitive to energy which grants her the ability to assess where disharmony is in your body/field and, being an alchemist, enables her to guide you to transform your energy for the better, restoring peace and balance within. 

From a young age Jacinta’s connection to spirit was strong and has been described like a Stag with her antlers reaching up to the higher realms, and her feet reaching deep down into our sacred Mother Earth like a Tree. It is her friendly and nonjudgmental nature that will instantly put you at ease allowing you to feel more empowered and open to receive the divine guidance. 

Being guided innately by spirit and her own inner wisdom Jacinta has no fixed formula in using her traditional tarot, assorted oracle cards, healing tools, and light language. Consultation with Jacinta is unique for you as she helps you navigate old stories, other lives, and genetic influences. 

Jacinta Feeley

The Energy Alchemist

Urban Shaman Adventures




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