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Bohemian Bulla Market
Kerri has been studying metaphysics for the last 27 years with Issam Kadamani at the International College of Meditation & Healing in Melbourne. In 2002 she achieved a Masters in Reiki with Issam and then followed up with Ajna™ Tibetan Healing. She is also a certified Meditation Practitioner, Tarot Reader, Masseur and Reflexologist as well as having a Diploma in Youth Work, Diploma in Alcohol and Other Drugs and Diploma in Disabilities. She has facilitated workshops for the disabled for the last 14 years and she recently completed a Certificate in Access Conscious Bars. She loves spirituality and nature and is also an animal lover. Her goal is to inspire and help people grow, heal and embrace their spiritual path.
Kerri Forde
Founder & Owner
Donna is married and the mother of 2 amazing young men. She has had a love of crystals from a very young age, and still, to this day, has her very first crystal from her teenage years. Metaphysics and Spirituality has always fascinated her, and she held the concept that there was more to life that what we see with our eyes. In 1997 she attended a Guides and Angels Workshop and this opened the doors for her to look further into Meditation and Healing practices. She became a Usui Reiki Practitioner in 2008, completed a 2 day course in awakening your intuition in 2009 and completed a certificate in Access Conscious Bars in 2017. She is also certified in Children’s meditation and has a strong belief in this practice being introduced to children in kindergarten and schools so it becomes a natural daily routine for everyone. She also enjoys daily walks in nature and fills the rest of her day, working in a Accounts Department
Donna Cuffe
Founder & Owner


Donna and Kerri met in Year 7, while both attending Oak Park High School. They were inseparable and made a lot of happy memories together over the past 40 years, with a wonderful group of great friends, which they still see today. They continued to be friends after leaving school, and were Maid of Honour in each other’s weddings. They bought houses and raised families, all the while staying close in each other’s lives. In 2017, they travelled to Europe and walked a section of the Camino De Santiago from South of France to Santiago, Spain.

As they have always been like minded spiritually, they often discussed many subjects and during one conversation it came up about wanting to go to a market with a ‘boho, hippy’ feel. After researching on the net, they discovered there just weren’t many places where someone could go and find great clothes, accessories, holistic products, and have a healing or a reading, all in the one space and local to them. So one night over a glass of wine or two they decided that if they can’t find one to visit, they will create their own, and the ‘Market’ manifested itself into reality.

So from its humble beginnings in 2015, with just a few stalls selling and offering unique products and services, the market has flourished to become a must go to on a Sunday drawing large crowds each month.

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History About The market

Bohemian Bulla Market was manifested from our love of spiritually and the “Boho Hippie” vibe from the 60”S and 70”s. We noticed the lack of resources around our local area offering such products and services, so we set the challenge to create our own.
We have been life long friends, being inseparable and supporting each other’s individual journeys, ever since first meeting at the age of 12. We have enjoyed celebrating each other’s lives watching our children grow into amazing adults. We have many shared interests, and this market is our love and passion.
In 2017, together, we realised a long-time dream and walked a section of, Camino De Santiago. A pilgrimage from the South of France across Spain.
We had a vision of creating a beautiful place, where spirituality can be explored, with a gathering of likeminded people, all the while enjoying fresh air in natural surroundings. Our dream was to offer not only spiritual products and services, but also to re create the vibe of the “Free Hippy Movement”. After a glass or two of wine one night, Bohemian Bulla Market was born.
We started with humble beginnings in 2015 , with a small section of stalls selling and offering unique products and services. The market has now flourished to become a gathering for those seeking alternative healing modalities, psychic readings, and beautiful local and imported products. Our success is attributed to the energy of the people that join us each month, and we have been blessed that it has grown organically over the years.
Our wonderful colourful stall holders bring the perfect “Vibe and Energy” to each and every market. They offer a variety of goods, including crystals, organic skin products, clothing, jewellery, crafts, along with psychic readings and a large variety of healing modalities. We believe our market reconnects and educates people by empowering them to tap into their own personal magnificence, all the while shopping with a difference. It really does awaken the Soul

We look forward to sharing these experiences with you
Donna and Kerri

About The market

Bohemian Bulla Market is one of Melbourne’s young and vast moving Boho\hippy Market around, with a eccentric feel about it that the whole family can enjoy and relax in it’s tranquil surroundings. The market is located in Bulla, a small town that resides between the Melbourne Airport (7km, 4mins) & Sunbury (9km, 6 mins). Bulla township was established in the 1850’s and is renowned for 1910 when the Bulla Cream Company took up dairy farming in the area, transporting the cream by horse and cart to their processing facility at Moonee Ponds in suburban Melbourne. The Bohemian Bulla Market operates every 3rd Sunday of the Month, excluding January, June & July. Entry and parking is free. You can indulge yourself with something from the unique products our stall holders have to offer from the community. These include Crystals, Jewelry, Candles, Feng Shui , Clothing, Herbs, Dreamcatches, Body Treatments, Giftware, Foods, Art and Free Face Painting for all. You can even take time out to view the beautiful scenery over looking Bulla on the Bulla-Hill Mini Trains which run from 12.00pm onwards. Or if you like, you can sit back and relax while listening to live music, enjoying a cuppa, sweet treat or a bite to eat from the many food vans, including vegan. Come early, and book yourself into a workshop or a reading with one of our Physic Readers, and perhaps indulge yourself with a Healing from the many therapists offering their services, including Ajna, Reiki, Access Bars, Reflexology, Chakra Balancing, and much more. Meet and learn from spiritual experts in their fields, you never know, you may leave differently than how you arrived.